Artist Statement
The focus of my studio practice is grounded in representational painting and explores a dialogue between traditional and contemporary approaches to picture, material, and process. From the profound to the mundane, the paintings map my relationship to the world through image and form—oscillating between the observed, the invented, and the revealed. Informed by my daily experiences, meandering thoughts, and memories, the imagery manifests itself through the process of painting.
    While the representational components often act as the foundation of the painting, providing my process structure, many of the elements develop through more intuitive and spontaneous means, which offers the opportunity for unexpected outcomes. The paintings document an evolutionary process of asserting, negating, and reasserting my observations. This approach acts as a method of investigation and discovery to create moments of revelation and reflection. Environments emerge from the surface, letting chance unveil obscured meanings and unconscious thoughts.
    The visual vocabulary revolves around the symbolic and the metaphoric employed to create an atmosphere of associations, exploring organic narrative structures. These connections and relationships stand as the foundation of the paintings’ language and work to elicit a psychological space lying deep within our shared emotional histories. Allegorical, metaphorical, and poetic—it becomes a mystical alchemy.